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Thread: U2 at The Sphere - Las Vegas Residency

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    Cool U2 at The Sphere - Las Vegas Residency

    What better band to open this state of the art new venue? Especially with Achtung Baby songs? ^_^

    I really miss Larry, but apart from that, the rest of the band looks like they are in great shape. Bono, especially, seems well-rested.

    A lot of things have been written in the press concerning the immersive aspect of the visuals but that place seems as equally groundbreaking in terms of sound!

    Here is a review that doesn't focus on the delight-for-the-eye imagery but on the audio side and that concertgoer whose Youtube's channel name is Audiophile Junkie was totally awed!

    He mentions surprising clarity and says that, depending on where you are at the venue, it can even sometimes sound closer to studio recording than in an arena concert - granted, arenas' sound quality at gigs are often particularly poor.

    I hope some members of the forum will be able to go and will give us their reviews in time!

    Meanwhile, if you don't mind, I will post another video below. ^_^
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    Roman Gokhman, journalist and co-editor-in-chief at Riff Magazine, managed to film The Edge's fingers during Love Is Blindness ' breathtaking solo!

    From roughly 3 min to 4:40 :

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    And he also wrote a review of the event (be careful! Possible spoiler alert for those who are going to go to the concert) :

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    I've never posted before, but I can tell you I saw the Sphere show on October 11th -- a Wednesday -- and it was absolutely stunning! Did I mention it was a Wednesday? Hard to describe the visuals and the sound without sounding like you're on drugs. I was in the first row in the second tier. Not sure I'd want to be in the first tier and definitely not on the floor. Images were coming down from the "ceiling" that I'm not sure the people in those sections were aware of until the images got much lower. It's not a regular rock concert where the sound is blasted at you from the stage. It's all over the place. I swear one time Edge was singing over my left shoulder!

    The digital barrage during the The Fly solo was just incredible. Numbers, letters, and symbols are all over the place -- and you know you're in a sphere, but then it turns into a regular room with walls and a ceiling ... and then the ceiling starts moving down on you! It's just crazy. The flood of images on Even Better Than The Real Thing was another favorite. These come down from above as well. And they keep coming such that it then appears the stage starts to float. Also, they're able to show images on the stage itself that are not cast down from above. Not sure how they do that either.

    They regularly put huge live images of the individual band members up on the screen as well. On several songs you can see exactly what Edge is playing. The resolution is simply remarkable. Anyway, I don't remember a bad song. No ear ringing afterwards either. Highly, highly recommend it.

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    I forgot to post in advance in case anyone was going but I did go Wednesday finally and WOW what a show!! None of the videos (and sound recordings) did it justice. The video was immersive and Adam's bass shook my soul. I really thought Ultraviolet might have been the best sounding and visual they have done for that song. Acrobat kicked major ass. Wow! That's all I can say!!

    I wish they didn't close the Level II restrooms after and I wish they knew how to exit people out of a building. 360 was 4 hours to get back to the Strip from Sam Boyd and this felt like an hour. They were blocking people from going down escalators (20 at a time only) and the bridge doors to Venetian had staff blocking them to avoid everyone going to the casino at one time. arghhh

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