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Thread: My best tone with Neural Amp Modeler (a new amp profiler)

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    My best tone with Neural Amp Modeler (a new amp profiler)

    Hi there,
    Here's a revolutionnary VST plugin... again FOR FREE.
    According to lots of experimented guitar players this plugin can do better than KEMPER Profiler and IKMultimedia TONEX... for free. This new plugin is named NAM (Neural Amp Modeler). It was developped by Steven Atkinsona, some young genius... It allows guitar players to capture their real gear (amps, cabinets, overdrive/distorsion/booster/EQ pedals). Lots of guitar players around the world now share their own gear and you can reproduce the tone of their gear loading the profiles with NAM !
    Some great guitar players captured their VOX AC30, AC 15 and AC10 and made some cab impulses.
    I tested some VOX profiles and...whaouh...
    Here's the links to download NAM : or
    And here's where to find gear profiles that are shared by guitar players :

    As far as The Edge tone is concerned, I got my best tone ever with :
    A VOX AC15 TB profile shared by Matt Goings, producer / mixer / mastering engineer at Killian Studios in Daytona Beach, FL.
    Here's the link to his VOX AC15 profiles :
    I used his "Vox AC15CH Crunch TB.nam" file. No need to add some booster before it : the tone has really nice "grit" if you adjust the input level well, on your audio interface.

    This profile is only the amp profile (no cab), so you need to add a cab impulse loaded in any IR loader (I use Ignite Amps NadIR which is a good free plug). NadIR is here : (you'll have to download Ignite Emissary Bundle which has NadIR in it).
    I use cab impulses made by Emil Rohbe, another great guitar player who shares NAM profiles ans some IRS on the tonehunt site. Here's the link to download Emil Rohbe VOX AC15 NAM PACK :
    This Pack contains Emil Rohbe VOX AC15 profiles and 2 cab IRs. I did not use his VOX AC15 profiles (I find Matt Goings to be nicer)... but I use his "Emil Rohbe Youtube IR 48K" cab impulse.

    With those 2 files, I got my best-ever VOX AC tone.

    Then I put my go-to mod delays (S-Gear delays)...

    Hope you'll enjoy.


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    32 views and no comment ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOLAIVE View Post
    32 views and no comment ?
    Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see links to hear your best ever tones. I don't use VSTs for amp modelling, so this plugin isn't really useful to me, nor is it something I could tryout to see what it sounds like. If you post some audio clips, I am happy to give feedback. I love a good AC30 sound.


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    Hi Phil,
    Nice to hear from you, back on this forum.
    Just having some nice french red wine at the moment... (joking).
    Well, I was too lazy to do some recording... but, by the way, I did one 2 minutes ago, before reading your comment.
    Will post it here in a few minutes
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    Here it is :

    Please, don't mind the playing (some mistakes...). I like the tone... Don't know what the forum members will think about it.

    PS : my Pride tone is a crunchy one. I like it but it's not the tone The Edge generally uses for this song. I had the It might get loud Pride tone check in mind (it's quite crunchy but with more high mids). Maybe, I'll try to test different NAM profiles for this song or reduce the input level... and tweak the EQ...
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    Here's my 2 seconds tweaking for Pride : lower input (there was way too much crunch in my previous demo) and less bass.

    The tones aren't perfect 'cause I had no time to spend tweaking them as I would have liked to... but what I wanted to share with you here is what you can do with only one NAM profile to get the core tone (no booster, no EQ, no compression). Only one NAM profile with internal EQ and 2 buttons to change the input level and the output level (... and a VOX AC15 Cab Impulse loaded in NadIR Cab Impulse loader). Then, you get a nice VOX AC TB tone.

    Maybe I'm wrong but it's the 1srt time I can get some nice core tone (VOX AC TB typical sound) so easily with one plugin...

    Don't hesitate to try NAM ! Comments are welcome. And, if you don't like the core tone I got with this plugin, tell me.

    PS : In my first demo, I found the tone to be really nice for BAD (nice crispy crunchy tone). Maybe, I could improve the EQing. More high mids ?
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    Hi again,

    I used to like the core tone I had with NEMBRINI Voice DC30 plugin but when I discovered the NAM plugin and some of the VOX AC15 profiles shared on the tonehunter web page, I found out that the NAM tone I got was better than my previous NEMBRINI tone.

    I was so excited by this new NAM plugin that I wanted to share that on the forum. So, that's why I shared samples of BAD and PRIDE.

    When Phil told he loves the AC 30 sound, I decided to record 2 "raw" samples with only the amp tones (No delays) in order to compare NAM Versus NEMBRINI...

    - Sample 1 :
    It was made with a NAM VOX AC15 TB profile + a VOX AC15 Cab Impulse loaded in NadIR impulse loader. I had a different Input level and EQing for BAD and for PRIDE (the input level is lower for this song and there's less bass)

    - Sample 2
    It was made with the NEMBRINI Voice DC30 plugin (a good VST plugin the emulates VOX AC 30 TB).

    May I have your opinion guys ?

    Do you like these VOX AC core tones ? According to you, which one nails the best the real VOX AC 30 TB sound ? Which one do you like the best ? Why ?

    Thanks for comments.

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    Some pictures :

    - Nembrini settings (same settings for BAD and for Pride) :
    20230918_191120.jpg 20230918_191111-min.jpg

    - NAM + NadIR settings for BAD :

    - NAM + NAdIR settings for PRIDE :
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    Finally I had more time to test and tweak.
    The 2 plugins are the best I know (I've been using different VOX simulation plugins for years - JamVOX, Amplitube 3 and 4, Guitar Rig, Softube...).
    The way to get the most of these 2 plugins is changing input levels and EQing. Then finding a good cab impulse.
    I still find the NAM plugin to be easier to tweak : one you found a good NAM profile, the input level and the EQbutton are really effective. And, I feel it's a bit more "organic"...

    @ Phil : I'm looking forward to your opinion about the core tone we can get with those 2 plugins. I don't own any real VOX amp. What do you think about the 2 samples I posted ? Is it a good emulation of a real VOX amp ? Or am I far away from it ? Whatwould you change in the tone to get the good "grit" and the good EQing. For me, EQing is very hard to do. Too much of certain High Frequencies and it comes "icy". Less low mids and it gets less mudy but you loose "body". Too much lows and it gets boomy. Not enough lows and too much mids (around 1kHz) and it gets thin and nasal...



    About EQing :
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