Hi there,
Here's a revolutionnary VST plugin... again FOR FREE.
According to lots of experimented guitar players this plugin can do better than KEMPER Profiler and IKMultimedia TONEX... for free. This new plugin is named NAM (Neural Amp Modeler). It was developped by Steven Atkinsona, some young genius... It allows guitar players to capture their real gear (amps, cabinets, overdrive/distorsion/booster/EQ pedals). Lots of guitar players around the world now share their own gear and you can reproduce the tone of their gear loading the profiles with NAM !
Some great guitar players captured their VOX AC30, AC 15 and AC10 and made some cab impulses.
I tested some VOX profiles and...whaouh...
Here's the links to download NAM : https://www.neuralampmodeler.com or https://github.com/sdatkinson
And here's where to find gear profiles that are shared by guitar players : https://tonehunt.org/all

As far as The Edge tone is concerned, I got my best tone ever with :
A VOX AC15 TB profile shared by Matt Goings, producer / mixer / mastering engineer at Killian Studios in Daytona Beach, FL.
Here's the link to his VOX AC15 profiles : https://tonehunt.org/mattgoings/a9e8...8-83c418a575d0
I used his "Vox AC15CH Crunch TB.nam" file. No need to add some booster before it : the tone has really nice "grit" if you adjust the input level well, on your audio interface.

This profile is only the amp profile (no cab), so you need to add a cab impulse loaded in any IR loader (I use Ignite Amps NadIR which is a good free plug). NadIR is here : https://www.stltones.com/pages/emissary-downloads (you'll have to download Ignite Emissary Bundle which has NadIR in it).
I use cab impulses made by Emil Rohbe, another great guitar player who shares NAM profiles ans some IRS on the tonehunt site. Here's the link to download Emil Rohbe VOX AC15 NAM PACK : https://tonehunt.org/emil.rohbe/8636...1-c580944f1d4c
This Pack contains Emil Rohbe VOX AC15 profiles and 2 cab IRs. I did not use his VOX AC15 profiles (I find Matt Goings to be nicer)... but I use his "Emil Rohbe Youtube IR 48K" cab impulse.

With those 2 files, I got my best-ever VOX AC tone.

Then I put my go-to mod delays (S-Gear delays)...

Hope you'll enjoy.