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Thread: Just found this free plugin for shimmer

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    Just found this free plugin for shimmer

    Hi everyone,
    I've just found this free VST plugin (Linda Audio Stargazer) on the audiofanzine web site.
    Here's a demo video :

    Maybe, it could be an alternative to plugins like ValhalaShimmer for those of you who use plugins to make their U2 tones.

    I couldn't test it but it seems to be great for shimmers...



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    Thanks Olivier am going to start using my
    Mixcraft Recording software again and I
    will try out this plugin
    Thanks for the info and Link :-)
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    You're welcome. I tried it out and I think it does the job. Surprising for a free VST plugin. Maybe, it doesn't offer as many tone possibilities as Valhallashimer does but it 's free and very easy to set up.
    Looking forward to hear your opinion.

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