The hub of U2 Guitar Tutorials is the video tutorials created by Michael to teach people how to play U2 songs on guitar, together with an awful lot more such as Edge's tone and technique.

Learning Songs
If you want to learn a song, you need to visit the Song Tutorial Forums where songs are organized by Album. Within each song you will find a set of sub-forums as follows :
  • Watch U2GT Tutorials. Read-only forums to view Michael's video tutorials and learn how to play the song, plus about how Michael has achieved his tone. Note : This forum will only exist if Michael has completed video tutorials. The list of songs covered is shown below.
  • Tutorials / Gear / Effects and More. Talk about the tutorial, how to play the song, techniques, gear, effects, tuning etc. related to this song
  • Patches / Presets. Find or share effect patches for this song.
  • Tabs. Find or share guitar tablature for this song.
  • Showcase. Share your clips with the community.

Songs with Video Tutorials (so far)

Finding New / Recent Content
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Before Adding Content
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When Adding Content
First and foremost, please adhere to the forum rules published in the Forum Guide. Take the time to read and understand these important rules.

If you post relates to a specific song (e.g. tone advice for Ultraviolet) then please post it in the "Tutorials / Gear / Effects and More" forum underneath that specific song. The general "Gear Addiction" forum is only to be used for generic posts unrelated to a specific song.

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