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    Is mastering music and languages just for the young? Not if you know how to teach older brains


    Can old dogs learn new tricks? Developmental psychologists have long said no. The so-called "critical periods" theory of learning says that if you want to learn something, start early in life. If that were true, there would be little point in adults trying to acquire new skills—and truckloads
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    Here is an Excel file that compiles Edge's effect settings from the Vertigo tour. This was compiled and contributed by Paul Kultschar.

    Vertigo Tour Complete Settings.xls
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    Here is a list of helpful websites. Please feel free to leave a comment with other helpful resources. Your comments should include a short description and link to the resource. Please don't post off topic comments or links here. Thx!

    YouTube Tutorials Video Tutorials:
    www.youtube.com/u2guitartutorials or www.u2guitartutorials.com

    SoundCloud Group:
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    Hello U2 Fans!

    Welcome to the new U2 Guitar Tutorials forum! This group is dedicated to those interested in learning how to play U2 songs on guitar and understanding how to get the Edge's tone with various types of digital and analog effect pedals and processors.

    U2GuitarTutorials on YouTube was launched in November 2008. As I become involved in various U2 communities, I started to think of ways to improve the learning experience. In 2009 I was contacted by David Nia, a web developer and subscriber of U2GuitarTutorials on YouTube. David graciously offered to build the U2 Guitar Tutorials web site which was launched on January 1, 2010. Tim Hines offered to help build this forum in 2011 and we embarked on building what we hope will be a feature-rich community for those learning U2 songs.

    Note that this is not only a forum, but a content management system and blogging site. Each member can create and maintain their own blog page, and content can be cross promoted and shared. I think you will find this to be an more productive and engaging platform.

    You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel (U2GuitarTutorials on YouTube). If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please post on this thread:
    Suggestions & Feedback.

    Tim, David and I have invested a lot of time designing and maintaining this forum. We will be making changes as we receive feedback.

    Thank you for your support. Enjoy the forum.

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    Guitars, amps, FX - they're all here!
    By Joe Bosso, Wed 14 Oct 2009, 12:42 pm UTC

    LINK: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guita...evealed-223342

    U2's 360° Tour
    is a massive operation alright, and it wouldn't be an understatement to call it The Greatest Show On Earth - or anywhere else for that matter.

    Named after a stage configuration called The Claw - a towering, robotic-looking structure said to be the largest (and costliest) concert setting in rock 'n' roll history, one that offers stadium audiences a panoramic view of the band - it's a long way from "three chords and the truth."
    It's five hours before showtime inside the vast Giants Stadium. The field and seats of the 80,000 capacity venue are empty, but I'm suddenly jolted by an overwhelming blast of music produced by three musicians on stage who proceed to pump out the second-best version of City Of Blinding Lights I've ever heard.
    Were they The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr, they might take their rendition all the way home, but the trio I'm listening to are their techs, Dallas Schoo, Stuart Morgan and Sam O' Sullivan, respectively.
    Still, it's uncanny how much they sound like their bosses. Schoo switches guitars and tweaks some settings on Edge's pedalboard. A few more guitar changes - a Rickenbacker, a Music Rising Les Paul, a black Stratocaster - and song snatches follow (bits of Ticket To Ride, The Rolling Stones' Angie and - WTF? - Stairway To Heaven).