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Quick Update

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Hi everyone!

Well, I'm finally settled into our new home in Durham, NC. I have a room in the basement dedicated to music. I've invested in new equipment so that I can make tutorials easier to produce and more professional. Still not ready to come back full force, but slowly getting everything set up and playing a little more guitar. It's been a long time and I'm glad I have my tutorials because I don't remember most of the songs!

I'm working on a new cover that will help me test out all my new video and audio gear. It's not going to be a U2 cover, but it's from the early 80s and I promise it's going to be epic! There are so many other songs beyond U2 that I want to cover, so over time I'm going to change it up some and learn some of my favorite songs (in some cases just for fun and with or without tutorials). We shall see how it all evolves.

I hope all is well for all. I will eventually get back to U2... and yes I promise to complete The Fly tutorial. ;-)

Rock on!

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  1. Jacques's Avatar
    Good to hear you are still there.

    That 80?s song? Years ago you were mentioning bands Heart or Boston or the likes. Can?t remember exactly? am i close?
  2. mcfly4a's Avatar
    Well that's up there with the best news I've heard so far this year. Welome back Michael. We've missed you. Looking forward to the new stuff and Fly part 5!
  3. JKybot's Avatar
    Great news!!
  4. Gitarrencooper's Avatar
    Good news!
  5. Hanx's Avatar
    See you back on Youtube. Love Stevie Nicks
  6. budrothedog's Avatar