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Hello U2GT Forum Members, and Happy New Year!

Due to some downtime that wasn't our fault and poor support by our hosting provider, we have decided to migrate this forum to another platform in the coming weeks. If the forum is unavailable, please know we are working in the background and will be back. Also, please contact me and/or Tim if you are a web developer and interested in helping us maintain the vBulletin software. Tim has maintained this site for many years, and it would be great to pass the baton onto someone else. Thank you, Tim!

PS - I hope to get back to tutorials in 2022!
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  1. JKybot's Avatar
    Happy New Year Michael and thank you for everything.
    Can't help about the web designer thing but as I wrote to you and Tim some months ago (never got an answer to my pm ) I would be glad to help Tim with his "day to day tasks" : registrations and backtrack requests.
    Let me know if you're interested.
    Updated 01-06-2022 at 05:28 PM by JKybot
  2. mysteriouswaysboy's Avatar
    Happy new year! Have you seen the u2 guitar facebook group? You should check it out, there's tons of members there and people who make tutorials/demos. Looking forward to your new tutorials Michael!
  3. BlueSquirrel's Avatar
    Happy New year and thanks a million for the wonderful forum ! I'm sending you a PM ! .)
  4. BlueSquirrel's Avatar
    By the way, I'm thrilled to hear that you are playing guitar again!

    Your tutorials, your covers and your collaborations are just incredible!
  5. Gitarrencooper's Avatar
    Great news! Thank you also for the great forum!