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50 anniversary Vox AC30 settings

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Hi guys,
just having some issues achieving a nice core tone on my amp, can anyone help, I'm using Axe FX 2 and Edges Sign Strat, but just after a solid core tone
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  1. coldstar's Avatar
    You can try my rather strange settings! I find the stock AC30 in the Axe to have too much gain, too much mids, and just overall too wooly. So I do this to it:

    Back off the input gain to somewhere between .4 and .6 - that way you can hit the front end with gain block and it won't buzz out on you.

    Turn the mid knob almost all the way off.

    Turn the bright cap value up - I like about 90pF. Adds fatness to the highs.

    Change the preamp tube model to the EF86. It's "clanky".

    Turn the mid center frequency all the way down, to like 300 hz. Makes it sound "throaty".

    Turn the cab drive almost all the way up.
  2. Peekay27's Avatar
    Thank you , ill give it a go