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Forum Back Up and Running Thanks to Tim

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Forum is back up and running. Apologies for not being involved over the last few years. Lots going on in my life (all good). I will get back to U2GT someday. Please stand by!

I'm looking for a website developer who would like to take over Tim's responsibilities maintaining this forum. Please PM me if you're interested. Tim gets all the credit for this forum, as he put a huge number of hours building and maintaining it. All I did was pay for hosting and the software.

Thank you!

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  1. ER-2's Avatar
    Excellent. Thank you both, soooo much!
    I can't believe how disappointed I was when the site vanished.
    Having said that, I am guilty as charged for not being more involved, and contributing to the
    best U2/The Edge site in the Universe.
    It was this site that got me back into playing guitar.
    I probably could have, and would have learned many U2 songs without this site, but I can guarantee they
    would not have turned out as well as from learning from this site
  2. Tim's Avatar
    Just to say, the day to day running does not require any real tech skills or website developer experience. It is mostly validating new members (to avoid bots/spam) and keeping eye on any spam posts or other issues raised by members. Oh and responding to backing track requests.

    I am still available to do the heavy lifting on forum upgrades, tech issues etc, its the day to day stuff I simply dont have time for with my new job. Thanks!
  3. edgesdd's Avatar
    Thanks Tim, this Forum is fantastic, it would have been a disaster to close it ..
    Updated 07-22-2021 at 04:00 PM by edgesdd
  4. bigtim's Avatar
    great to be back!
  5. ZOLAIVE's Avatar
    Hi everyone,
    Really happy to see it's back and alive !
    Somany great infos and nice guys here.
  6. BlueSquirrel's Avatar
    Thank you so much for having reopened the forum. I was worried something terrible might have happened to you.
    I can't thank you enough for all the work you have put in.
  7. JKybot's Avatar
    Such a great news !