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  1. Zooropa lesson from Andy at Pro Guitar Shop - Fun stuff!

    Maybe the Mods will want to put this video in the ZOOROPA sections? It seems to have some helpful hints.

    Andy from always does some cool video lessons. He's done a few U2 lessons. And in this case, "Zooropa".

    Have a look.


    Ciao 4 now.
  2. U2 to be on Jimmy Fallon as first guests on Fallon's new Tonight Show Feb 17th

    U2 to be on Jimmy Fallon as first guests on Fallon's new Tonight Show Feb 17th

    Should be able to get a bit of a look at some of the new gear that Adam, Edge, Bono and Larry are using.

    I'm guessing they will be playing and/or promoting the (RED) single "INVISIBLE".

    Time will tell.

  3. What is the red guitar that Bono has in the new Ordinary Love video?

    Is the red guitar Bono has in this video a custom guitar? It appears to be a Gretsch but what model?

    It appears about 2:20 into the video.

    What make and model? Is it a Gretsch? Electromatic? Custom red double cutaway Gent?

    It's only seen briefly and in the edits are quick. Anyone have any ideas?

    Seems to have a (RED) logo on the pick guard

  4. U2 has 18 songs in the Dutch top2000of all times, One is the highest ranking song

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	U2_in_top_2000_year_2013.jpg 
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ID:	2566.

    Hi all,
    The end of the year is a time for looking back. Here in Holland every year the local station Radio 2 organises a poll where everybody can vote for their all time favourites.

    For all you lovers of statistics out there ... this is where 18 U2 songs ended in this year's poll, and how these songs moved through this list over time, since 1999.

    Inspiration for your setlist?
    Inspiration for Michael's next tutorial ...
  5. U2 Guitar Tutorials Now On Dailymotion

    As many of you know, YouTube has been making major changes that have received a lot of negative feedback, especially the requirement to link a channel to Google+ in order to make and respond to comments. I refuse to link YouTube to Google+ because I don't use Google+ and don't intend to. This is why there has been a decrease in comments on my videos and why I don't respond to questions in the comment sections of the videos - YouTube won't let me!

    I will continue to post videos on ...
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