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Thread: Pod hd500x preamp

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    Pod hd500x preamp

    Does anyone here have any knowledge on what preamp to use on the POD to emulate edges tone for streets? I’ve tried the vintage pre but I have no knowledge of the parameters to use

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    I have the Vintage Pre first in my chain but I don't always use it. Phase 0, Gain 44, Output 100, HP 70Hz, LP 18kHz. I've seen other people use the Blue Comp.

    In my experience with Line 6 stuff, if you don't get the amp settings right first when trying to find the right numbers, it's a pain and nothing sounds right. If you plug your Strat in and get the amp block close to the creamy stage then you can tweak your Vintage Pre to push it a little but man its so arbitrary until you get the amp right. And that means the Bias, Hum, Sag, etc.

    You can try my numbers but like I said I don't always use it either. Depends on the situation for me, Amp Sim + small pa/room = Off. Amp Sim + large pa/room = On, real Ac30 = Off.

    Let us know what you find that works for you. I do remember reading deeper threads on this subject elsewhere. I never remember any agreement though.

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