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Thread: Axerx 3?

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    I'm on the waiting list. I can't wait. Going to sell II on eBay. Here we go again!

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    Great to hear, Michael. I'm on the EU waiting list, but I sent an email even before I knew the price in Europe. It seems to be a bit too expensive for me, especially when I need a new controller also. We'll see, I've said things before and then ended up with upgrading. (From Ultra to Line6, from Axe II Mark 1 to XL). I'm really happy with the XL, but I know I will want it when Edo gets started with preset packs on the III.

    It's great that we will have some early adopters on the forums and groups. Who knows how long it will take before we see the III in Edge's rack though. As some has said, Dallas probably doesn't want to change too much now when the tour is about to start in a month
    Kjetil Gilje

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgewannabe View Post
    It seems to be a bit too expensive for me...
    EWB, I agree. It's easily going to cost $3,500+ CDN to get one into Canada.
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    Yes, Toopy. That US price would be nice, but I heard rumors about 2800 EUR, and perhaps a bit more for taxes into non-EU Norway. Plus a controller with all those small screens. Maybe a second-hand III in a few years? We'll see
    Kjetil Gilje

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    I think that it´s not time to change, first wait if the edge don´t change, wait.
    Even better than the real thing

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