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Thread: Lemon Chile Tribute

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    Lemon Chile Tribute

    I've just came across this cover band on Youtube and OMG, this is probably the best one I've ever heard ! The singer is so amazing !!!

    Check songs like "Iris", "Every Breaking wave" or "Red Hill Mining Town".

    Someone know them ?
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    One Tree Hill is absolutely perfect. The guitar tone & playing is amazing and the singer pretty much sounds like!

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    I have seen them on youtube already quite a few years ago, , "Bono" is a close as it gets to the real thing. "Egde" has improved quite a bit, before guitars would sound thin, maybe he had a fair amount of "inspiration" from this forum (which is good, of course). Their new version of Red Hill is really sharp
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    Sounds great. Their Edge went a little "Stevie Ray Vaughn" there at the end.

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    OMG! Spot on.
    THE best covers I've ever heard.
    The vocals are so natural and unforced.
    The Edge back-up vocals perfect.
    As a band … TIGHT!

    I hope these guys work on original music … very talented. WOW!

    My $0.02

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